The Bee ManBY:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

In a region where insecurity is the biggest threat to livelihoods, state institutions, economic development, and attraction of foreign direct investment, it is a valid question one to ask himself, who is suitable to lead Somaliland which is peaceful, but locates in volatile Horn of Africa and is also a close neighbor of the Arabian peninsula, where conflict in Yemen and others are increasingly threatening the region.

The right answer is, leadership in such environment requires someone who is well acquainted with the regional security matters. Among the three candidates, Kulmiye presidential candidate, Muse Biihi Abdi is the only candidate who is well conversant with the security, geopolitics and historical undertakings of the Horn of Africa region.

On the other hand, Wadani candidate Abdurrahman irro is not fully knowledgeable about Somaliland internal security matters, let alone the security threats in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Abdurrahman Irro is not a man you can count on during difficult times; he is a weak and fragile and cannot take appropriate decisions in rough waters.

BY:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed