By Ahmed Kheyre
The deplorable actions by elements of the Ethiopian Federal Army and the Liyuu Police at Gashaamo are to be condemned. The perpetrators of this massacre will be brought to justice and will face the full measure of the law. The victims of this massacre are in the hands of Allahu Subxaana Wa Tacaal, and our prayers accompany them.
But, the people of Somaliland must understand, that as long as Somaliland continues on its path to progress, security and developments, its enemies will leave no stone unturned in order to derail the country. Make no mistake, the Horn of Africa is a dangerous place, and we have seen such massacres before, almost daily, mass graves are being discovered in Somaliland. These graves are witness to the brutal dictatorship of the Barre regime and the ill-fated union with Somalia. So, let us not delude ourselves that despicable actions, such as the ones at Gashaamo and the recent incursion in Ballidhiig will not occur again. They will and we will have to be ready to respond to them.
There are elements in the Horn of Africa that would like to destroy the relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia. These elements are governmental, economical and religious. The treacherous actions at Gashaamo are not just the work of renegade individuals in the Ethiopian forces, but, they are part of concerted effort to drive a wedge between Somaliland and Ethiopia. These nefarious plans will not succeed, because the ties between Somaliland and Ethiopia are made of stronger stuff.
Finally, the response to the massacre at Gashaamo by the administration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” must come under closer scrutiny. Granted that Gashaamo is part of the Somali Administrative region of Ethiopia and as such doesn’t come under its jurisdiction. However, one would have expected a more swift and vociferous response from the government. Sadly, this current administration does not possess the access to the higher echelons of the Ethiopian hierarchy of previous governments. This is a pity, because, the stability and security of both nations are at stake. 
Rest assured, Somalilanders will not stand by and watch their kith and kin massacred in such way and do nothing. In order to maintain and strengthen the relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia, more work must be done in fostering closer ties between the residents of the border regions, and a closer co-operation between the security and armed services.
Allaa Mahad Leh


  1. This isaaq clans men in hargeisa make me sick to the stomach walahy. Whats gaashamo got to do with somaliland ?

    Besides the writer is unaware that ethiopia sees somaliland as kilil6 style autonomous region and that somaliland has no business what so ever inside the somali regional state therefore must respect the sovereignty of ethiopia and its people.

    The recent massacre at gaashamo was orchestrated by the isaaq convoy from hargeisa that wanted to cross through the gaashamo without security vetting and to make matters worse they were even armed and engaged the federal army and the regions liyu police, they then melted away to the residents of gaashamo by hiding behind civilians. This then resulted into conflict and lose of life.

  2. Your comments are disgusting, to politicise these abhorent actions are unjust and barbaric. Firstly, i assume you are a Muslim as you are named after our Saxaba “Omar Rathi Allahu Anhu” so fear Allah, its Ramadhan. Secondly, there is absolutely nothing which you can remotely say which begins to justify the killing of innocent humans beings. You should be ashamed of youtself that you have the audacity to make such comment. Justice will prevail in the name of Allah the most just. May Allah bless the souls of all of the innocent men, woman and children. Ameen.

  3. Why were you not disgusted when the Isaaq led somaliland government killed hundreds of innocent Dhulbahante people in Kalshaale, Buhodle? Or is the blood of your people more precious than the blood of others. It is you who are the typical isaaq hypocrite. This is merely Allah’s retribution for the people you isaaqs have killed and raped in the Sool region.
    Allah does indeed punish the Somaliland opressors.

  4. As for the writer of the above article, you have displayed cowardice and hypocrisy in the face of Ethiopia killing over 60 isaaqs. You absolve them of blame and seek to blame shadows.go and defend your people if you are not afraid of Ethiopia. You claim to be an independent country yet cannot defend the poor defenceless isaaq civilians. Cowards

  5. salamu caleykum first of all the loss of civilian is forbiden wether they come from ogaden isaaq or dhulbanteh etc…
    But do not compare the level of rule of law and respect of human life is unparallel in somaliland than most of the third world countries.
    In somaliland the small tribes have more importance than bigger tribes .The only reason why they did nt get more higher positions is because of the unrecognized situation which required people not only in love with somaliland but who have deep passion for it.
    On the other hand the local police in ethiopia should only be locals.
    I repeat primarely locals otherwise these rifts will always exists.
    These has been tried not only in ethiopia but all africa and even the whole wide world .
    Police should be locals only.
    I am surprised there is only these much casualties and not more.
    These rifts will always be there.
    I reckon ethiopia should change its system by creating another police body that would cover the real locals .
    Especially for the somali region because somalis are the worst enemies to themselves than they to any other people.
    And they should check what happened to somalia a death nation.

  6. We all regret the loss of Somali lives at the hands of our traditional enemies the Ethiopians. But the writer of this article treats the Ethiopians as his brothers even though they killed close to a hundred isaaqs and treats his fellow Somali as an enemy.
    I’m sorry the Ethiopians gave you a rude reminder that you are just Somalis however much you try to run away from your brothers. They also burnt your flag inside your so called state just to show you how delusional you are.
    The somaliland dream is over

  7. One think which makes me surpriseful is how most of you give first priority to your clan rather than emphasizing muslim brotherhood and how you are courageous to denounce Barre regime while you always endorse Ethiopian regimes. Muslims are to love each other and feel the pain of their muslim colleges no matter which country they are. If you say they are Ethiopians and their business, absolutely your Iman needs reshuffle.