railaKenya’s opposition leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has indicated his support for the recognition of the breakaway region of Somaliland barely a fortnight after a governor from the same country announced Kenya would recognise Somaliland if it reduced tariffs on Kenyan product exported to the region.
Speaking at the British think tank, Chatham House, Saturday on The Importance of Democracy in Africa, Odinga said he personally acknowledged the call for the recognition of Somaliland as an independent country.
“I myself am (sic) a strong supporter of the recognition of #Somaliland… I think there is a very strong case,” said Odinga.
His statement drew a storm of reactions online some in support of his comments while others including Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya rubbishing Odinga’s ideas as irresponsible.
“Irresponsible and damaging STATEMENT. Unity, sovereignty & territorial integrity of #Somalia is inviolable,” ambassador Jamal Mohamed Hassan said in a tweet.
Odinga’s sentiments come barely two weeks after the chairman of council of governors and also governor in Kenya’s khat exporting region of Meru said he had held talks with the government of Somaliland to find ways to reduce tariffs imposed on khat from Kenya in exchange for ‘some form or recognition’.
“In my deliberations with top government officials, I managed to convince the government to appoint a technical committee to review the duty in exchange of some form of recognition of the Republic of Somaliland by the Kenyan Government,” said Munya in a Facebook post.
Somaliland declared its autonomy from the larger Somalia in 1991 following collapse of the Mogadishu based government and has since advanced its course for secession and international recognition


    • Is anything Free out there?, No. If Kenya recognizes Somaliland, i think the future of the horn will be MUCH better for everyone.

    • The barbarism happening in Southern Somalia which date back since 1985 will Stop because the first thing Somaliland will do is export Gold, Oil/Gas etc. and when SL economy GROWS, young southern somalis mostly jobless who make up an estimated 70% of the southern population(who BTW are terrorist easiest recruits) will be MOTIVATED to work harder and have a peaceful stable progressing neighbouring country like Somaliland, They will get good paid job to send back home to rebuild their corrupt selfish country instead of risking their lives in mediterranean sea.
      SL government WILL help Federal Somalia needs.
      Kenya will get Peace which will help BOOM their tourism industry and many Somalilanders WILL invest in Kenya. The horn region countries have proven valuable reserves which will help their economies but only after regional peace.
      Recognizing Somaliland is the SOLUTION to the horn problems.

      • Mona, I hereby Congratulate you for good comment you have given ,l hope they have understood very well if they have a good mind because the only solution is to accept and recognise
        The Republic Of Somaliland there is no any other way for Peace and Stability and if realy they need Development in their area Thank you Mona Keep up.

  1. The recognition of Somaliland
    by international community Is
    vers slim. No country dares to
    recognize Hargeisa because such
    act would open pandora box in Africa.
    That Is every ethic group in Africa
    would seek for sécession. The
    International community regrets
    the division of Sudan because the
    birth of South Sudan has neither brought peace nor stability to the
    latter. World community recognition to Hargeisa would bring
    a civil war in Somaliland
    worse than the the débâcle going
    on in Mogadishu.

    • Omar Samater.. You can not compare ethic groups in Africa to a ‘recognized Country that existed before’ who made a mistake joining borders with another country.
      By international law, Somaliland have the right to go back to its border because its LEGAL.
      Somalilanders are politically mature, there is no way in hell they will EVER be anything like the South.

    • Omer Samater l feel very sorry for your comment, please see the present what is happening do not predict future your not an astrologer, Presently The Republic of Somaliland there is a proper Government with good Governess,Law and Order and proper Multiy party Democracy and the whole World is satisfied of what is happening in The Republic of Somaliland unlike The federal state of Somalia, Please accept the truth and do not try to chiet or lie to The World as the know every of what is happening in Horn Of Africa.

  2. Interesting analysis Mona but what you fail to realise is that unemployment in somaliland is also very high and many people have died trying to get to Europe. Another factor which you fail to mention is the lack of stability in Somalia is contributed negatively by outside forces especially Ethiopia which benefits from a weak divided Somalia. I still do not see the benefit of recognition from Kenya because don’t forget Ethiopia recognises somaliland and there was no benefit there – the only impact is negative due to the khat that comes in which is the same thing Kenya wants to do

    • Samatar Ismail.. like i said, After recognition then Exports then Jobs.
      We all know there is No Jobs in poor countries but what we do have is Peace and Political maturity.
      You people keep blaming EVERYBODY but yourselves, lack of security is because the people in the South do not like each other (for whatever reasons) and neglected their responsibility to govern for 17 years.
      how can poor Ethiopia or any other countries benefit from another sovereignty country?.
      Ethiopia recognized Somaliland because we have signed a business deal to allow to import their goods from Berbera port which they desperately need and will create lot of jobs for Somalilanders.
      President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud have improved Somalia for the better, he did a wonderful job for his country, i hope he is re-elected on December, he is a Great President.

  3. Dear sister Mona,
    There was no a country
    known as Somaliland in history. There
    has had been a homogenous Somali
    nation in the Horn of Africa. The colonial powers including Ethiopia
    Imperialism dismembered the Somali
    nation. The British colonised
    British Somaliland. The British had payed heavy price in this colonial intervention. The great Somali leader fought against the British for two decade in search united Somalia.
    The unity of British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland was the result of Darawish Jihad. Those who want currently the division of Somalia are
    Following the British colonial footsteps. Mona never ever dream
    a called Somaliland would emerge in the Horn of Africa. The Western powers had already planed
    the former Somalia be divided between Ethiopia and Kenya. Ethiopia demography is almost over ninety
    million and she is landlocked. Ethiopia had the backing of America and Europe to annex Somaliland and the rest of Somalia. The only option for Somalis to deter this colonial project
    to revive pan Somali nationalism.

    • Omar Samater… State of Somaliland got its independence for 6 days which was RECOGNIZE BY MORE THAN 10 countries worldwide!. SOMALIS THROUGHOUT HISTORY LIVED IN ‘CITY STATES’ and NOT had one known territory, BECAUSE WE NEEDED ‘RIVER’ from neighbouring region.
      Ethiopia is a JOKE, the only reason they have a big so-called country is because we ‘all Somalis’ did not make ‘one deal together’ with colonials. some somalis were fighting colonial and others were making deal with colonial. if Somali Ogaden State joined hands with Somaliland, we would not have be divided today, the colonials would have EASILY entered Addis ababa. the italians tried hard but failed then thrown Acid on mainland ethiopians faces then left them alone.
      Some of you people are really funny, how can someone else plan to do something for you by FORCE?, ISNT YOUR LAND BY LAW?.
      Somaliland is for Somalilanders, NO ONE ELSE.
      Somali nationalism can always be there without sharing borders.

  4. Mona,
    Somaliland is not a state.indeed it is
    s single clan entity that unilaterally
    declared independence. Ethiopia
    has never recognized Somaliland
    administration. Somaliland is under the hegemony
    Of Ethiopia imperialism. The real President of Somaliland
    Is the Somali region President, Abdi Iley.

    • Omer samater, Thank you so much you have reveal yourself of what you are no more any urgument as it will be like beating a guiter to a goat what will it understand sorry,

  5. Dear Mona,
    I think you overslept. Let me remind
    You one key issu. Somali regional
    entity has more chance to emerge
    a sovereign state in the near future.
    The Ethiopia constitution article 39
    accepts the self-determination of Somali regional state-the so called
    Ogadenia. The men who rules Somaliland entity do not know the meaning of politics. The real definition
    Politics is the art of possibility. The Somali National Movement which was
    exclusively from Isak clan declared secession. That secession was emotional. We heard the name Somaliland 1991. Why SNM did not called itself Somaliland National Movement before 1991? The reason is
    the sole objective of SNM leaders was to topple Siad Barre regime and not to polarize Somali nation. Somaliland left no stone unturned to get recognition. Even the administration of Somaliland invited a ringleader of the world homosexuals to Hargeisa
    to support the former’s quest
    In recognition. The Qur’an says do not
    depend on creation. As Muslims we must depend Allah-the creator,
    The sustainer and and the King of Universe. Somali land ruling class should know that nobody would recognize them. The recognition of Somaliland would have ramification on regional states of Somalia such as Puntland, Jubaland and etc. The ramification will be all regional Somali states would declare secession. The
    International Community would never ever accept 7 mini poor Somali states
    In the political landscape of the world.
    In the nutshell, the chance of recognized Somaliland entity is below

    • Omar S… Ogandia is a COUNTRY and i know they can demand their independence from UN BUT only when they learn to feed themselves independently.
      back then, it was the last choice for Somalilanders to go back to their border to AVOID the fate of southern somalia.
      SNM was not about leaving the country or even wanting to lead the country, it was just some voices coming out in the media because of unfairness then the Mogadishu replied with shooting and barbaric actions to the south and mostly north.
      Did anybody tell you we dont trust and depend in God?
      dont worry Punt and Juba are in Somalia according to international law and was never a country before.
      i proudly flew with my Somaliland passport to MANY COUNTRIES and CAN’T wait to go to Turkey soon with this passport so again dont worry we are recognized but it takes some time for others to accept the reality after LONG years in Europe and Canada.

  6. Mr. jamal
    Do not forget that somaliland is the
    only secessionist entity that no country recognized. There are several
    several secessionist entities in the world and they sre all better off Hargeisa. Turkish Cyprus is recognized by Turkey. Abkhazia which is by de jure part and parcel of Georgia is recognized by Russia. Western Sahara annexed by
    Morocco in 1975 is s full-fledged member of Af. Union.Even Biafra when
    It declared secession from Nigeria in 1967, five African states had given recognition the former. Biafra had a better chance than “Somaliland”.
    Mono and Jamal please read the geopolitics of the world and regional geopolitics of Africa.if Somaliland would have been a christian entity;
    the former has had its quest for recognition. In the era war against
    terrorism the Western world have no
    desire to recognize a new Muslim state in the Horn of Africa. South Sudan was recognized of its religion identity. Mona and Jamal-you hardly know the world political realty. Your
    Writings are based merely your wishful

  7. Somaliland yesterday and tomorrow is a somaliland more than 99% support the independent of somaliland country same people interest the fake dreams today the dream over and Coming the reality

  8. Somaliland people united the shadow of freedom
    One flag
    One constitution
    One government
    Somaliland supports democracy and human rigths
    Somalia every politician thinking how drink the blood of poor people of somalia and that who will make tje maney

  9. Whoever is against somaliland sovereignty should look closely in the mirror south somalia is under occupation by amisom bantu troops they cant even protect themselves and they wanna claim other ppl we the somaliland ppl made up our mind long time ago its been bad 30 years of union and a quater century of prosperity and peace withon our state we incharge of our destiny unlike you who takes orders of ugandese and kenyan troops

  10. The most failed secessionist entity
    In the world is Hargeisa administration.Somaliland declared
    secession on 18may 1991. Before 1991 the only successful secessionist
    entity was east Pakistan-Bangaladsh.
    After 1991,many secessionist non state actors gained independence and recognition. Good examples are Eritrea, East Timore, Kosovo and South Sudan. The question why the above mentionted states were recognised and Somaliland unrecognised for more than 25 years?
    The international community has a prfound knowledge that the so called
    Somaliland entity is a part and parcel of Somali nation. East Timore was colonized by Indonesia. Eritrea was colonised bt Ethiopia empire. in the case nothern Somalia there was no colonislisation. Mohamed Ibrahim Eagal was from Barbara and he became Prime Minister in Somalia.
    In the era of Siad Bare, most of the cabinet were from nothern Somlia-
    the so called Somaliland. Omar Arteh
    and Ismail Ali Abokor who haile from Somaliland had key ministeral posts in Somalia.Siad Bare was a dictator
    And he committed crimes all over puntland but he did not commit crime
    all over “Somaliland”. He did not kill people in Borame, Lassanod, Badan
    lassqoray and others. Please let us call spade a spade. Siad barre committed crime against the isak only not
    the other clans in Somaliland. Dahir Riyale Kahin who was a officer in the Security service of Siad Bare ruled Somaland as President more than
    8years. Dahir Riyale as Security officer of Siad Barre killed many isaks in Bur’o. All above analyses make null and void the Hargeisa quest for recognition.

  11. omar samater bro it seems you are well educated ,realy i enjoy reading your comment ,im from borama but when i read your coment i came to know many things ,you look so bright and clever man ,for me i want to somaliland to became independent but i also think somaliland will never be recognised because of geographical ,religion not so easy,the world will not recognised another muslim country or another poor african country.

  12. I hear too many arguments and counter-arguments here.

    Samatar, I hear your argument. Of course, we would wish for an ideal situation: a five-star nation with an all-inclusive Somali people. Unfortunately, we do not live in such a world. Parts of these five stars are scattered/fragmented. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were all together before the split. The last two are largely Muslims nations. How come they were recognised? I can also think of other countries in the middle East which were sub-divided due to their difference colonial heritage. While I agree with you that it would take a Herculean effort for Somaliland to get recognised, I also feel there could be some probability. I will explain how. If Somaliland continues with its peaceful existence like it has done while the rest of Somalia slips into anarchy, there is a case for a “governance dividend”. This means that the donors/friends of Somalia could get tired of all the never-ending chaos there and decide to give Somaliland a chance. Do you envisage such a scenario? May be, may be not. Still a possibility though. Ever heard of “donor fatigue”?

    If Djibouti is out of the union, why deny the rest the chance to decide their destiny? Of course, I am aware of NEP (Kenya) and Ogaden (Ethioipia). These two were there against their wishes but Somaliland’s case is slightly different from theirs.

    I have also heard another argument. I think it was stated by you (or a namesake) in an interview recently. Move the capital to Hargeisa, Burco or any of the NW peaceful regions. Just like the founding fathers of the American revolution did in deciding Washington DC would be the capital and Philadelphia as the historical idealogical birthplace of the US. Should Mogadishu with its constant insecurity be our capital? Any of the rest can, as long as their is normalcy and a sense of stability and continuity.

    In conclusion, as a Somali I would like to see us all United to be stronger, bigger and better. Where this does not seem to work, then each should take steps to secure/clean its own house first before pointing an accusing finger at the other. Somaliland has a right to defend its territory and decide its destiny. The odds are heavily stacked against it but sometimes, just sometimes, it can or may make it. I’ll give you a few examples: who, in their wildest dreams thought Obama would be the president of the US? Or Donald Trump would secure the republican ticket? Or Hillary the democratic ticket? Or Leicester City be the EPL Champs? Sometimes miracles do happen!

  13. Yassin,
    Djibouti is binatioal state and for this
    Reason she opted not to join greater Somalia. As you know, there are two
    Ethnic groups-SOmali and Afar or Dankil.Hargeisa was the birth place
    Of pan Somali nationalism. The secession of Somaliland is impossible.
    It is tantamount Suisse Germans seceeding from the rest of Switzerland
    The balkanization of former Somali
    Will do harm to Somaliland and the rest of somali regional states.Ethiopia
    Is currently the regional supperposrr of East Africa as South Africs is the regional power of Southern Africa.Djibouti itself is under the hegemony of Ethiopia. Will Arab countries accept to be under the hegemony of Israel? Somaliland leaderd could not dare to visit Egypt due to the hydropolitics conflict between
    Ethiopia and Egypt. Ethiopia has warned Somaliland authority not visit
    to Egypt. A high ranking Ethiopia diplomat told me this information. All Somali regional states are under the the juridiction of Ethiopia by de facto. It is high time all somalis should be farsighted othetwise Somali
    terrotirirs wil be kilil 6, kilil 7 etc of Ethiopia. Somaliland is already kilil 6.
    Let us follow the dictum of Farah Omar when he said ” O my God my people and my country are too small to be divided”.

    • Samatar, of course a fragmented Somali will suit Ethiopia. You seem to give them too much clout yet they too have their own internal problems and disagreements with Eritrea. I am not sure they can dictate matters in Djibouti due to the French as well as US presence there. These two see them as a strong ally in the war on terror but they also recognise the human right abuses that are rampant there. I’ve been to Addis many times and I know how difficult it is to access such things like the internet and mobile platforms, which we seem to take for granted here.

      Ethiopia knows its achilles heels. Like the Swiss, they are landlocked. It makes them very vulnerable in that you’ll have to depend on others for your survival. You can’t bite the hands that literally feed you. They have to try to co-operate with Djibouti, Somaliland as well as Kenya. The danger of relying on just one country for imports is real as was demonstrated recently by Uganda. During the post-election violence of 2007 in Kenya, the opposition, mainly from Raila’s Luo ethnic group uprooted the railway line to Uganda severely disrupting their major lifeline. This time around, with an election in the corner, President Museveni has opted to sign a deal with Tanzania to import things via Tanga port.

      It is this quest for self-sufficiency that is driving Ethiopia to build a new railway lines and corridors as well as power projects. The Ugandas used to consider themselves as a regional power until the reality of 2007 struck them hard. The Ethiopians have learned this lesson well.

      I realise the obvious obstacles to Somaliland’s recognition. Make no mistake about that. But I believe Somaliland has given a convincing case for recognition. Ultimately, its citizens may try reviving the idea of Pan-Somalism should recognition become illusive. The $1 bill of the US has (translated from Latin) the inscription: “From many one”. I can’t predict the future but maybe someday we could witness a Somali renaissance from here. The original idea of unity was noble but was sabotaged by an unscrupolous dictatorial regime.

  14. Mr. Yassin,
    As I indicate in my previous article,
    Djibuti is binationa state.The ethnic
    make up of Djibouti is the combination
    Of Somali and Afar. If Djibouti does not accept the Addis Ababa diktat;
    Ethiopia could use as proxy Afar opposition to remove power the Issa clan. Yassin, do you know that Ethiopia being a landlacked polity has
    a very strong navey force. Ethiopia
    Intends this navey force to occupy somalia in particular the Sovreignty less Somaliland. Ethiopia can not exist
    without acess to sea.The regime in Addis Ababa see somali territory as terra null. Yassin the concept terra null
    Is a territory without poppulation. The
    British used the concept of terra null to occupy Australia from Aborigins.
    Somalia lacks de facto state and the
    Hargeisa adminstration has no de jure
    Status in the world. The long term
    and the medium term of Ethiopia is to annex the whole Somali territory. This is
    exactly the statement of the late prime
    Minister of Ethiopia, Melese Zanawi has told Mr. David Shinne, the former
    America Ambassador to Ethiopia.
    Yassin, do you know skays-Piccot accord? It was a secret accord that the arab world was divided betwwrn British empire and French empire after the demise of othoman empire.
    New skayes-piccot is already underway to facilitate the annexation of whole Somali territory to arch enemy of Somali race-Ethiopia empire.
    This plot has the backing of America and Europe. Unfortunately the Somalis are divided and so called Somali leaders are mercenaries facilitating this plot against Somali nation.

    • Samatar, of course I am aware of the secret historical plot by the Brits/French to sub-divide the Ottoman Empire during its last days. They had even intended to fragment Turkey itself had it not been for the intervwnrion of Kamal Atarturk (considered the father of the Turkey nation). He resisted so many attempts at Turkish conquest even from countries like Armenia.

      When a country fragments and slids into anarchy, then it is an easy and obvious prey for predators, anarchists and all sorts of opportunists. It is easy to take advantage of the lawlessness. The Brits/French of this time have enough problems of their own (Brexit, Homegrown Terror) jusy like Ottomans had during the last days of their Empire.

      Somalis know who the real enemy is and where the next threat may most likely come from. That is why they will always view any “poison pills” in the name of trade or co-operation with the scepticism it deserves.

      Ethiopia has too many problems of its own. From many dissenting diaspora residents who are tirelessly campaigning against its human right abuses to problems with Eritrea, Egypt, Sudan (Khartoum), Kenya (too many border skirmishes especially in Moyale) as well as internally with the Oromo. The danger of the regime “spreading itself thin” is real. As I write, we hear news of protests in the Tigray region. Imperialistic ambitions are fine. But what you are forgetting is that Somalis are proud people, unlike the Aborigines that the English met in Australia or the Red Indians in the US.

  15. Well done Mona, you have managed to successfully repel unscrupulous biased comments from Omar, Samatar and others.

    The motives of both Somaliland and Somalia remain challenged. Omar and Samatar what you have so far failed to grasp from the status quo is If Somaliland Statehood is not viable, under the circumstances, attaining a United Somalia becomes impossible.

    Omar please help by looking up Somaliland right now from the internet and tell me if it was not granted independence on 26th June, if it did not have clearly demarcated borders, if it was not recognized by 32 UN member states.

    In case you do not know that is the Somaliland we reclaimed 1991, built from ashes and now thriving with or without international acceptance.

  16. Whoever waiting somaliland will be regognised is DAY DREAMS & For RAILA ODINGA’s statement released Chattam hse is PERSONAL OPINION DAUD A ABDI GARISSA

    • Do you think attaining somali unity is any easier? If Somaliland is a dream, thinking of a united Somali is a delusion.

    • Daud, at least Somaliland is far better of than Garissa/NEP where you are from. There is peace and stability and people are progressing everyday. How about North Eastern Kenya? It is the most backward region, very marginalised and forgotten.

      At least our dreams here are valid. We take matters into our own hands not vote for a government that marginalises and ostracises your people. I feel sorry for the Somalis of NEP. I know of so many who have run away from Garissa and are here in Hargeisa. They’ve vowed never to return there because of the neglect there.

      Raila’s statesmen were expressed in his personal capacity as an African statesman. Yet it irritates the enemies and haters of Somaliland like you and your brothers from NEP, Mogadishu et al. This is what the controversial Kenyan musician Prezzo (aka Jackson Makini) had to say of his detractors during his time at the “Big Brother Africa” reality show (where he was second overall): “Haters are nothing but fans in disguise”. I believe you are a Somaliland fan disguised as a North Easterner from Kenya sxb!