vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h59m02s124By Goth Mohamed Goth

Dahabshil Group of companies on Friday donated foodstuff to 60 internally displaced families in dharkygeenyo district, Sool region.


Mr. Khadar Abdi Jama, Manager of Dahabshil in Sool region speaking during the handing over of the food donation donate today included of rices, dates, cooking oil and consisting of other assortment of food stuff to the displaced persons and their families and $US 10,000 dollars to be divided among the affected communities.


Dahabshil representative said, the Dahabshil group has in the past made similar donations and will continue to help needy people in our society by providing the poor with donation in form of cash or food donations will go a long way in supporting the less fortunate families of whom areelderly and orphans who rarely leave their homes.


“Dahabshil shall in the future plans to provide more help to the less fortunate, “stated Mr. Mr. Khadar Abdi Jama.


Traditional Elder Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Ismail speaking during the occasion said, on behalf of the of the two affected communities thanked Dahabshil group for the donation.



  1. This kind of donations is very good and more businesses should do the same. There has to be redistribution of wealth so the ones that have it should create jobs

  2. The best thing about our society is that we care about each other’s well-being.
    BUT as long as we don’t build a FENCE around the country to stop poor illegals coming in SL and also we take the country family affairs seriously(like promoting to have fewer children) then unfortunately we will always have MANY people with BAD condition and other problems.