DSC_0083By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo planted a tree on the western part of the town to herald development.

He at the same time cut the ribbons to inaugurate now street roads in the town.

“The government of Somaliland will continue doing its obligation as far as public services to the populace is concerned, and even more wherever possible”, said the President at the new medical students hall at Lasanod.

The President was addressing the audience after visiting many project locations being implemented and those already implemented in the area; most notably the 17 new buildings at the regional hospital.

“It is incumbent upon us to do our duties hence wherever possible we will continue doing so”, pledged the Head of State.

At the venue the health minister Hon. Suleiman Issa Hagletosiye gave a breakdown of detailed progress made. He said that the SDF program has had 3 million USD allocated for health programs.

He noted that the Lasanod hospital which was built during the colonial times by the late Eng. Ali Jirde in 1948 had never seen any facelift in all those decades.

He said that the 7 dilapidated building has since been rehabilitated and that 17 new ones were under construction processes.

Hon. Hagletosie said that the student’s hall that they were in (venue) were part of a 300,000 (three hundred thousand) USD that the President personally gave.

On his part the presidency minister Hon. Mohamud Hashi pointed out that of all the past regions and administration since the colonial times, it was that of the current President that has done the most visible development which was tangible.

The water minister Hon. Bashe revealed that four new water points was found. There were in Adi-adeye, Ganbada, Tifafle and Shashadde.

At each and every point that the President visited in the region he was welcomed by the regional Governor Mustaffa Abdi Shiine


  1. Every outgoing leader wants to live behind a legacy and the president is no exception.

    As a patriotic ‘Landers, we all want to live in peace and stability. This is the best gift the incumbent can give us.

    At a time when there is so much intolerance for others who may be different from us (as has been demonstrated by the many barriers coming up as migrants in “civilised” Europe/North America), I am happy to say that Somaliland has done its little bit.

    I was reminded of an old African proverb which says: “If you think you are too small to make a contribution, then try sleeping in the same room with a mosquito”. In essence, what it means is that any little effort, assistance and help we give is worth it.

    Mr Silanyo has clearly demonstrated this. I am aware that it may not be enough to appease the many sceptics, but at least it is a good attempt.

    To my fellow readers here, take care, nice weekend and stay safe I/Allah. I’m already missing my fellow correspondents here. Idin mee dee?

  2. Interesting Article. I think this is a positive development as inshallah this shows the country is moving forward and dealing with any issues in the right manner. Silaanyo wants to be remembered in a positive way and whilst not everyone may support him – I think what he has done here is to positive and to be followed by others. M.Yassin I agree with you – Somaliland has proven once again that you do not need ‘outsiders’ to resolve differences.

  3. SL flags should be on EVERY building in the country especially in ‘East SL’ and the youth must know their country and history because they will work for the country tomorrow.
    Old illiterate opportunist man who are refusing to give better lives for their young, are only looking to fill their pockets with fast dollars from Mogadishu government.
    ‘East SL’ must show unity with their country then only we can get recognition soon.

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